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      Hello, welcome to visit Foshan Nanhai Lishui Ruikai Metal Products Co., Ltd.!
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      Tel: +86-0757-85622875

      Mobile: Mr Wu +86-18924558718

      Miss Yang +86-15019638476

      Fax: +86-0757-85612017

      E-mail: 496471921@qq.com

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      Rui Taibei talent for the enterprise strategic height and the most productive resources, "talent is Rui armor of the capital, is the core competitiveness of one of the core", respect for people, for the outstanding talent to create a harmonious, passionate environment, Is a sharp armor in the field of ideas without the need to register the trademark; innovative and enterprising, effective management, serious and responsible human resources, Rui armor is the source of sustainable development.

      Rui armor condensed a group of the average age of 26 years old, has a wealth of management experience, strong technical strength and common goal of the professional team, Rui armor through internal experience exchange and the introduction of external knowledge, committed to building a learning organization, Armor in the work of value-added "is sharp armor forever proud. Rui Kai pursuit of personality development and team awareness of the co-ordination, in the 12-year journey, a total of nearly 100 from the country's major institutions joined Rui armor, interpretation of their excellent career in the armor.

      The principle of employment: open, fair and equitable; virtuous only exceptional use, there is no virtue to cultivate the use of no virtue without determination;

      Purpose of the people: the cause of cohesion of talent to attract talent to the environment to motivate talent to retain the talent to keep people;

      Talent commitment: respect for employees, the development of staff, to enhance staff, and to provide management and technology dual career development channel.

      Recruitment: a highly innovative high-end design technology director
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