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      (Outdoor advertising query one machine) - convenient, simple, natural and practical

      Release date:2015-4-30 Information Sources:Foshan Nanhai Lishui Ruikai Metal Products Co..Ltd. Views:1811Secondary

      (Outdoor advertising query one machine) - convenient, simple, natural, practical, touch query one machine, outdoor advertising query one machine, multi-functional advertising one machine
      Is a kind of convenient, simple, natural and practical human-computer interaction device. It integrates computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial modeling art, machinery manufacturing technology, streamlined type Integrated design, beautiful shape.
      Outdoor advertising query one machinehttp://www.buzzarduk.com/products-detail.asp?cpid=60

      Query machine (outdoor advertising query machine) generally includes touch screen, monitor, computer, audio equipment, power equipment and touch the cabinet, there should be power input devices and a variety of network interfaces. Of course, some special use of one machine, including the equipment even more friends, such as the bank for automatic withdrawal of the touch one machine also includes the keyboard, magnetic card reader, passbook fillers, micro-printer, fingerprint attendance and so on. Good query machine need to have a good touch software to be more perfect.

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