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      (Multi-function self-service printer) - to alleviate the phenomenon of queuing

      Release date:2015-4-29 Information Sources:Foshan Nanhai Lishui Ruikai Metal Products Co..Ltd. Views:1907Secondary

      Multi-function self-service printer) - to alleviate the phenomenon of queuing crowded patients, hospital self-service single machine, multi-function self-service printer, intelligent self-service printer
      In the process of taking the inspection report, the staff need to manually look through the name of the patient to find, different patients with different test reports need to repeatedly search, manual search is not only detrimental to protect the privacy of patients, but also inevitably errors and Slow and so on. Multi-function self-service printer for hospital inspection report to print the link, the patient can brush ID card, brush card, read the bar code to complete the process of self-help to take a single process to reduce the supervision of the window service pressure to ease the patient queuing phenomenon.


      Multi-function self-service printer http://www.buzzarduk.com/products-detail.asp?cpid=76

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